Things to do Before Your Delivery

You are obviously very excited as you due date is oming nearer and nearer. But it is important to know that once the baby comes there is going to be time for nothing but looking after the baby. There are lots of things that you should do before that baby is born.

You can eat out as much as you want moreso when you are nearing your due date. Go out for a quiet evening with your spouse as that is not going to be possible for quite a while. Go to a bar of disco. lots of bars are there where smoking is not allowed. Go ahead and enjoy your night out. Plan a girls night out and do a lot of bonding with your female pals which is going to become impossible with the birth of your little one.

It is alright to go on a vacation while you are pregnant so definitely plan and take one before you enter in to the eighth month. These are the little things you will enjoy and will miss when the baby comes as it will be impossible to do. Stock up on things like toothbrushes and paste and lots of soaps and other canned stuff that you may need after your delivery as you will not have time to go shopping to the supermarket and even if you go you can spend less time there since you have stuff at home.

Start spending time with your friends who have kids and watch ho much the kids cry. You may feel better when your baby cries realising that you had experienced worse. Lastly spend a few hours at the parlour and get a wax, manicure and pedicure and also a facial and of course a gentle massage. These are some of the simple joys and pleasures of life you will not be able to indulge in and give lots of time to do.

Clean out your cupboard and your home and keep it clean as you will not be able to do it for quite a while. Catch up on all the movies that are running as well.

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