Things You Need To Know About Your Newborn Child

If you are a first time parent then you may often find yourself at a loss while tending to your baby’s day to day needs. Your doctor will be able to guide you with the major issues but then taking care of an infant needs constant vigilance and attention. These are a few things that can help take better care of your newborn child.

Sleeping Routine For Your Newborn Child

You will notice that your newborn child will sleep most of the time, ranging up to sixteen hours, in a day. They usually sleep for about two hours at a stretch in blocks of time. After birth up to three months the nervous system of the newborn will be developing. Post three months your newborn will sleep for longer time period and even six hours at a stretch at night.

All You Need To Know About Feeding Your Newborn Child

Feeding your newborn can take up most of your time and might prove cumbersome as babies need to be fed at a gap of an hour throughout the day. Your baby may even start crying to indicate he/she is hungry. You need to pick up the cue. Newborn babies should be either breast fed or formula milk can be used. Remember that it is vital that your baby receives proper nutrition for the first few months for proper development.

Regular Exercises For The Well Being Of Your Child

You can try outbaby exercises with your newborn by massaging the muscles gently to keep your baby fit. You should preferably use baby oil of a reputed brand, in the market. Massaging will help develop muscles strength of your newborn. As a result your newborn will able to do bodily movements like crawling or walking faster.

Take Care Of Your Child’s Bathing Habits

You should not bath your baby every day. The contact of their tender skin with water can leave the skin dry. Ideally a sponge bath is the best solution as it is gentler on baby’s skin. The most important consideration is to clean baby’s creases and also the diaper area. Use a soft towel to wrap your baby while you are at it.

Thus, as you can see patience and gentleness are the key factors to be kept in mind while taking care of your infant.