Third Trimester Exercises

By the time you are in your third trimester, you will find that your stomach is getting larger, and it will continue doing so at a very fast pace. You will need to be more careful while exercising at this time as you will also be experiencing a lot more back pain due to your poor posture.

There are certain targeted exercises which you can do during your third trimester. You will find that your baby is moving quite a lot so make sure you are flexible not only through your routine, but also change the timing of the same as and when needed.

Stand in a comfortable position and lift your arms towards the side. Make sure your back is straight and your spine is erect. Keep rotating your leg forward and backward for a few counts and then move it sideways so that you feel your groin area opening up.

Make sure your arms are stretched out beside you to help you balance. Repeat the same on the other leg. If you find it difficult to balance then rest one hand against a wall and carry on with the exercise.

For the next exercise, stand with your legs apart keeping the knees slightly bent. Lift your arms up into the sky. Gently stretch one arm at a time. This will help you to strengthen the upper body.

Keep your arms on your waist and do a few squats. do not go down totally. just go as much as you are comfortable with. Take the support of a chair when doing this exercise.

Now sit on a low stool and keep your knees apart. Keep your back straight by stretching it as much as you can. Breathe normally all through this. Now keep a few pillows on one side and while sitting on the stool drop one knee onto the pillow so as to stretch the groin area and make it more comfortable and strong for the process of labour and delivery.

Repeat with the other leg as well. These exercises will help create more space for the baby and will help during labour.