Three Mistakes You Should Not Commit During Pregnancy

When you become pregnant, the thought of a live developing inside you can thrill you beyond limits. However, have you ever asked yourself how does the life inside you take shape? May be you have never been curious enough to know the biological process taking place in your body. Only a healthcare professional will understand this complex and wonderful process called pregnancy. In fact, a woman has to be more careful in everything that she does.

Pregnancy is also a very delicate process and any mistake you commit directly or indirectly affects the unborn baby. Your actions can lead to pregnancy complications and even miscarriage and pregnancy termination. Although, pregnant women should be careful of her actions generally, there are three mistakes that she cannot afford to commit. Let’s find out what these mistakes are.

The first of three pregnancy mistakes is taking medication randomly. A pregnant woman is faced with a host of problems. She may be down with morning sickness, headache, and back pain. Moreover, she is also likely to suffer from muscle cramps, heartburns, and bloating. All these problems are caused by physical and hormonal changes that occur naturally after she becomes pregnant.

With all these uncomforting problems plaguing her, she may randomly take a medicine without consultation. Such an action may put your baby in grave danger. There are certain medicines which contain agents that are harmful for the developing fetus. Some medicine can result in miscarriage, while other may cause birth defects and low birth weight. So always consult your doctor before taking medicines during pregnancy.

The second mistake has to do with your eating habits. It is a well known fact that Americans have a special liking for junk foods. A sizable portion of the American population is either obese or overweight. Half cooked and raw foods should be avoided as these may be a hotbed for bacteria. Rather let your doctor or a nutritionist formulate a pregnancy diet which should be rich in iron, folic acid, and calcium apart from other essential nutrients. Include more of green leafy vegetables, fruits, and lean meat in your preparation.

The last mistake that women should not commit is smoking and drinking during pregnancy. You may be aware of the harms these can do to you. Just imagine how much harm it can create to your extra sensitive little one inside!