Thumb Sucking No–No for Kids

Do you generally see your kid’s thumb in his/her mouth? This is a common practice by many toddlers. In fact so common that you might your kid sucking his thumb even while sleeping! Don’t worry as thumb sucking is a comforting behavior for kids and therefore generally need not be restricted. However, you must make sure your kid gets rid of this activity before he moves in a bigger age. Otherwise, it becomes a habit and gets difficult to quit.

Sucking thumb is a leisure activity when your kid is 1-2 years old. But as your kid turns 4 or bigger, this activity can cause many disorders in your child. Thumb sucking can affect their communication or social skills, can protrude their jaw line, lead to unclear pronunciation of words, and can cause problems in the development of the oral cavity. How to stop this much-loved activity of your kid then?

Don’t worry. We’re always there to help you. Apply these simple tips and see drastic change in your kid. Lure your child by offering him gifts every single day that he doesn’t suck his thumb.

Give him lots of praises, appreciation, and applauses when you see he is not sucking his thumb. But don’t overdo this, especially when your kid is deeply engrossed in some other game or activity. This might remind him that he has to suck his thumb! If it’s difficult for your kid to quit this habit, ask him to limit its usage.

Try to replace the thumb-sucking activity of your kid with some more activity like holding his hand, indulging him in some other fun activities, etc.

Try to keep his mouth busy by asking him to talk, sing, or taking some fruit or juice. Make up stories on kids that had this habit and narrate them to your kid making him realize that thumb sucking is a bad habit.

Pull your child’s leg when you see him sucking his thumb. But don’t do this too often as your kid might get offended and become sad. Whatever you do, remember that your kid is worth cared for and you must choose a way that best suits him, your home atmosphere and your loving relationship with your kid.


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