Time Saving Tips For Moms

A mom is loaded with loads of responsibility like taking care of the child, the house, cleaning, cooking etc. And once you begin working away from home or at home it becomes even more difficult for you to get that time to take care of your own self. The following time saving tips for moms might help you save time for yourself.

Arrange your schedule – what do you intend doing, which of the following works need your attention etc. If you feel that the whole day is beyond what you can manage, you can always ask someone to help you with some work i.e. delegate. You can ask your children to help with ‘some’ of your work if they are old enough to take care of some.

Have your child watch you do your work. You could also explain to them why you do certain things in a certain manner. If nothing else, teach your child to keep his own room or things/ toys in order and not to keep them lying anywhere.

If you have any of your near relatives living nearby you can always request them to pick your child from school on certain days. You could even assign certain days instead of giving in last minute requests. This will save you some more time. Schedule your cooking plans for the week. So you can shop accordingly for the grocery. You could also cook extra on some days which you can use on those days where you have loads of work to do.

You could also do some bits of cleaning all through the week that would save you time when you have to clean your house thoroughly for some occasion. You can also arrange for the payment of bills via the internet. You can also go for the direct payment option but in case you are worried about the balance in your account being sufficient for payment, you can ask the company to notify you claiming payment.

You can also follow the 4 D’s which could effectively help you in saving time for yourself i.e. Delete (minor/ not important works); Delay (work that can be postponed until a day or 2); Delegate and lastly Diminish (not to take a longer route to completing work)

Rakesh Kumar Lakshman

Written many famous TV serials including Health Based TV Shows, several articles and stories for various renowned magazines and also written articles for websites.