Tips For Caring Yourself After Child birth

Tips For Caring Yourself After Child birthPost partum period is the healing period for women after delivering the baby and this is the time when they need extra care and precautions so that their body returns back to the original fit and healthy form quickly and comfortably.

During pregnancy and delivery pregnant mothers have to go though physical as well as mental ups and downs sometimes it is hormones and sometimes it is the pregnancy cramps and it is the woman who alone deals with them . During delivery there is excessive blood loss too and the pelvic muscles are also very much strained and tired so they need proper rest and acre to heal up back again.

Child birth if delivers them a bundle of joy then it brings along some physical problems too which they have to counter with great patience and care. That is why we refer them as self care tips because the woman has to take care of her recovery on her own after the birth of the child and not only this she has to take care of the child too.

Generally mothers ignore their health once they have a baby and the main concentration all the time is on the baby, but it is not right. New Mothers should take some time out for themselves and need to ponder over their own health too, because if they will recover from the delivery pains quickly and heal up then they will be able to take care of the baby in a better way. So let us check out some self caring tips which new mothers need to follow in order to recover and stay healthy.

Never ignore after delivery pains

It might happen that some women experience pain after delivery too, they should not ignore this pain and consult their gynaecologist for the pain and should take the prescribed medicine to reduce the pain. Although these after delivery pains are nothing to worry about till they are very strong. They can be considered as good sign of healing going inside your body after delivery. Taking deep breaths slowly and in a relaxed manner helps a lot in reducing these pains if they do not leave then you can also get massage too, it will help in relieving eth abdominal muscles which are very much strained during child birth.

Involutions and uterine contractions

When you breast feed your baby it promotes or stimulates uterine contractions thus you might feel some pain in the vaginal area. Moreover after the child birth placenta takes some time to heal from where it is cut so when you breast feed there is slight pain till the time the placenta gets healed up. After the child birth slowly the uterus start gaining its original position and shape and size. It starts moving from the abdominal area as a ball to the pubic area back in it size , but if it is not going back then doctors suggest massaging to bring it back to its original place this is called involution this movement of uterus might also give rise to pains after birth.

Maintain hygiene

After urinating or a bowel movement always remembers to clean and dry the perineum area with warm water first and then pat it dry with either gauze pads or clean and soft towel. You can take a warm water bath by sitting in a tub of warm water for few minutes it will remove all the bacteria from the incision area and prevent any kind of vaginal infection too. Always remember to wipe from front to back and remove the sanitary pads also in the same way. This way you will stop bacteria from entering vagina from rectum. The sanitary napkins should be changed after every 4-6 hours to prevent any kind of leakage or infection. Use good quality sanitary pads.

DO Keigel exercises

Keigel exercises are good for strengthening the pelvic muscles and the muscles around vagina. If you start doing keigel exercises just consult your doctor before doing them so that he can suggest the right way and time to do them. These exercises boost the blood circulation in the pelvis area and thus improve the process of healing. Healing process takes longer time in case of caesarean birth so you need to stay in the hospital for longer time than normal delivery women. Doctors suggest you to take a walk after 24 hours and sit up also so that there is no formation of clots and the blood circulation also resumes to normal. Feet and legs movement is suggested more to improve the blood circulation after the anaesthesia.

Keep the dressing Clean

Before leaving the hospital just take all the instructions from the nurse about taking care of the bandage and how to keep the inc9ision clean and dry. Always remember that if you will follow the instructions properly the healing process will be faster and there will be lesser chances of any type of infection in the incision.

Dark Circles and Black eyes

Generally be it normal or caesarean child birth due to excessive pain and tiredness women develop dark circles and black eyes. Sometimes bruises also can be seen on women’s body during child birth in order to ease pain they breathe hold and exert downward push to help baby move down but these bruises get healed up quickly and dark circles go away with proper rest and care. These spots and cuts and bruises can be avoided if women learn the right way of controlling their breath and exerting pressure.

Healthy diet

The diet of lactating mothers should be full of enough proteins, vitamins and liquids as they are recuperating from not only internal damage but also external damage and along with that they have to feed their baby too.

Wait for sex

Do not get excited and start getting up close to your partner quickly after child birth, talk to your doctor and take precautionary measures for pregnancy and resume sex after the suggested time by the doctor. It takes time for the stitches to heal and the uterus to return back o normal position so just wait till all the organs of your wife return back to original shape and she says that she is ready for the intercourse.

Sleep as much as you can

Rest while the baby is resting and sleep when the baby is sleeping, do not try and finish your house hold whores when the baby is asleep. The more you rest the quickly you will recover.