Tips For Changing Diaper Of Your Baby

Tips For Changing Diapers Of Your BabyNew parents often get scared of baby diapering duties. Here are a few tips that will help you to learn how to change baby’s diapers and keep your baby happy.


Wash your hands to disinfect it from germs. Dry it using a baby wipe. Set up a clean and dry area to change your baby’s diaper. Set aside all the things that are required for diapering your baby. Collect a clean set of diaper, baby wipes, cloths, pins and diaper fasteners for cloth diapers, anti rash ointments and baby powder.

How to Change Your Baby’s Diapers

The first step towards changing a baby’s diaper is to unfasten it not remove it completely. In case of any poop on the lower region of the baby’s body, use the face of the diaper half to wipe the poop. In case you have a baby boy then cover up his genitals using a clean sheet of cloth to prevent him from urinating on you or himself.

Hold the baby’s ankles and lift him gently over the changing table. Fold the used piece of diaper so that the clean side of the diaper is faced upwards. Remove it from the bottom of the baby. Utilize baby wipes that you have set aside to carefully clean the front portion of the baby. In case of a baby girl, use the wipe to wash from the front vaginal area to the bottom of the baby. This will prevent any kind of infection.

Now lift baby’s legs very gently so that you can clean her bottom too. If baby wipes are not available then use a clean wet cloth instead. There are some petroleum jellies and anti bacterial pediatric ointments that can be applied on the baby’s bottom. Once the baby has been cleaned of any poop or waste, hold his legs up and place the clean back portion of the fresh diaper beneath the baby’s bottom. Position the front portion of the diaper in between the legs.

Ensure that you are not bunching the diaper in between the baby’s legs. This might cause discomfort and chafing. For proper placement of the front portion of the diaper, spread the baby’s leg as much as he is comfortable. In case of newborns, the umbilical cords should not be covered.

There are disposable diapers available in the market that are specially designed for newborns with nicks for accommodating the stump. If you are using normal baby diapers then fold the front half down. For boys, tuck down the penis so that they don’t urinate over the diaper. Fasten the front wings of the diaper ensuring that it does not pinch your baby’s soft skin.

Safety Measures

If you are changing the baby on an elevated area, always keep a hand on him/her to prevent any fall. Keep in handy toys and other sorts of distractions in case the bay starts to fuss. If you are using cloth diapers ensure that the fasteners are not pointed. Use specially made baby fasteners.