Tips For Clipping Your Baby Nails

Newborns have a weak immunity system and hence maintaining baby hygiene is very essential .Generally new born babies have the habit of putting their fingers inside their mouth.

So, long dirty nails of infants is the major source of causing infection in them .Babies nails grow very fast and if they are not trimmed regularly then they may also hurt or injure themselves .Therefore, its important for parents to trim their babies nail regularly.

Newborn babies are very delicate
and so are their nails. It’s a very difficult task for parent’s especially first parents to trim the nails of their babies.However, little tips and precautions when taken while clipping baby’s nail makes the task easy and safe.

Baby fingers are very small and soft.So, parents must trim the nails of their babies with baby nail clipper. They should never use adult nail cutters to clip their babies nail.

They must always file their babies nail after trimming them. This makes the trimmed nails smooth and hence decreases the chances of hurting or scratching themselves .In case of newborn babies, we can even use the nail file to trim their nails.

One of the most important factors to be considered by parents while clipping their baby’s nail is the time period. Small babies are restless and they cannot be controlled.So, parents should always preferably trim their babies nail while they are asleep .

This is the safest period of trimming their nails because then the parents are able to concentrate more and hence this decreases the chances of hurting their baby while clipping their nails. When their baby is awake then parents must distract them with some toys or take the help of other family members while clipping their nails.

It’s always better to trim your baby nails after giving them bath. This makes the nail very soft and hence easy to clip. It is also advisable to leave a little bit of white on your baby’s nail to prevent from hurting them. Parents should never rip or bite their baby’s nails.

This may hurt them and cause bleeding. Parents must trim the nail in one motion along the curve of the finger. They should not trim them straight or in three shorts. This leaves sharp edges and hence risky for kids. In addition to this, parents must also check and trim their baby’s toe nails regularly.

Raka Raghuvanshi