Tips For Correct Use Of Birth Control Methods

Do you know that a huge percentage of unplanned pregnancies occurs in women using contraceptives? Whether you are using birth control pills, cervical caps, or IUD, it is always possible to get conceived while practicing birth control and especially if you are not following the correct usage methods. This is also true if your partner is not following the instructions on using a condom. As such, to reduce unwanted pregnancies, you may find useful the following tips for using contraceptive methods correctly.

First, always follow the written instructions to the letter. If you are taking birth control pills, then take it consistently and at the same time every day. This means if you have taken the pill at 9pm in the evening, you should take it at about the same time the next day. If you think skipping pill for a day will do no harm, then you are quite wrong. Similarly, follow all the direction for using an IUD or a cervical cap.

If you are using IUD, go for monthly checkups to make sure that the device is in place. Some women don’t use these barrier methods during their menstrual period thinking that they won’t get conceived even if they have unprotected sex. This is not true. Although a woman most fertile phase falls during the middle part of a menstrual cycle, she can potentially get pregnant on any given during the entire cycle. The possibility of getting conceived during menstrual period cannot be thus ruled out.

If you are taking any antibiotics while on contraceptive pills, the antibiotics can potentially reduce the effectiveness of your birth control pill. So, follow other birth control methods while on antibiotics.

Now coming to use of male condoms, let your partner follow the inst ruction written on the packet. Don’t use condoms if they have exceeded the expiry date as they might be damaged during use. Condom damage can also result if your vagina is not adequately lubricated naturally or otherwise. Condom damage can also be caused by improper storage and manufacturing fault. As such, it is not a bad idea to use vaginal spermicides along with condom to lessen the chances of getting pregnant.