Tips For Effective Pregnancy Weight Loss

Tips For Effective Pregnancy Weight LossPregnancy is the time when there is a lot of pressure on you to eat well for the proper development of the foetus. Eating well is mostly confused by all pregnant women as eating more quantities. This leads to weight gain and resultant obesity and heartache post pregnancy. Most women end up with protruding bellies and sagging breasts due to improper diet during pregnancy.

While the damage has already been done, there is no way you can reverse the effects. But there are surely ways by which you can minimise the impact and shed a few kilos with strong will power and the power to hang on until you see exciting results. While starting a weight loss plan, it is important to take the advice of a doctor and wait several months until your body has repaired itself from the trauma or delivery effectively.

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Plan

Set a realistic Plan

The weight that you have gained during pregnancy cannot be shed within a short time span, simply because you have piled up on these kilos over several months. Therefore, one must set a realistic workout plan while planning a weight loss plan post pregnancy. Remember that your body was probably out of exercise for many months and hence starting slow and steady is necessary to keep your body from over exertion.

You may start with a low impact exercise plan like swimming or walking or even some light exercises at home including yoga. Set yourself 3-4 days for the exercise regime. You can increase it as you gain strength.

Diet Plan for Effective Weight Loss

Post pregnancy is also a time when you could add to the pounds by gorging on food that you think will also benefit the baby. This assumption is completely wrong! A healthy meal which is balanced and provides all the essential vitamins and nutrients in moderation is all you need to keep the baby and yourself strong and svelte.

A diet that is high in fibre and protein content and low in fats and sugars will help you shed that annoying baby fat within months. Stick to low fat foods like fresh fruits and vegetables and reduce the intake of meat products while you shed weight. Fish however is an exception here. Consuming fish that is rich in omega 3 fatty acids will help you get back the lost glow on your face.

Light Exercises That Fit With Your New Schedule

Ok, we agree that motherhood is a full time job, one that requires you to work round the clock. So where’s the time for exercise and gaining an enviable post pregnancy figure? Well, if your neighbour can do it, so can you! Why not get a pram and take your baby out for a sightseeing spree? You get to walk all the way and shed those stubborn tyres around your belly and waist with ease.

Now what if your bundle of joy starts protesting? Sure enough, you can lift her up and down a few times and see how well she is enjoying the fun. Who says that you need dumbbells and barbells for toning your arms? Lift your baby up and down several times a day and see those flabs make a hasty retreat from your arms.

Exclusive Breastfeeding for Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

Exclusive Breastfeeding for Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

Most women today shy away from breast feeding their babies, fearing that they would have saggy breasts to deal with. But ask around and you will see that the mother’s who are back on shape are the ones who have breast fed their babies longer and for extended periods. Breastfeeding can help shed those extra kilos that you have gained and puts your body back in shape.

Breastfeeding is in no way responsible for losing the shape of your breasts. It in facts helps in regaining the lost shape. It is the weight that you gained during pregnancy that leads to saggy breasts and not breastfeeding.

Sleep well for Effective Weight Loss after Pregnancy

Haven’t you heard about beauty sleep and how it helps in keeping your weight under check, and your beauty everlasting? This holds true during motherhood too. Of course we know that getting uninterrupted sleep post delivery is a distant dream. But, you can make up for the lost sleep by sleeping during day time along with the baby. This will remove the tiredness and dark circles under your eyes.

Taking short naps are also good for reducing weight. Lack of sleep is associated with low energy levels which result in your gorging on a high sugar diet and resultant weight gain. Taking short naps will remove the cravings and keep your energy levels well balanced.

Motivation for Removing Post Pregnancy Weight

For every job to get done there is that unique factor that gives you the will power and energy to carry on. Weight loss, especially after pregnancy could require extra effort from your part in order to stay motivated. You could easily put off your goals, putting your baby and its needs in front rather than your goals.

Partnering with likeminded moms and involving them too in the workout regime will create an interest and support system around you to keep moving without any breaks in between. You could even think of joining a baby friendly gym where you can carry your baby with you while you workout.

Cardios and Weight Training for Effective Weight Shed After Pregnancy

As you move head on into your exercise regime, it is time to start more rigorous workouts like cardiovascular exercises and weight training. You can incorporate crunches with your baby and more walking and jogging sessions along with your baby or while he/she sleeps. Weight training exercises will tone all your loose muscles back to perfection.

It is in these final months that you will see you pre pregnancy figure shaping up surely, but slowly. While you are at these weight management regimes, make sure that you do not go overboard or become undernourished. Multivitamin supplements must be incorporated in the diet in order to combat the effects of rigorous exercises.

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