Tips for To Be Fathers

Becoming a parent is as exciting for a man as it is for a woman. Many men look forward to welcoming their bundle of joy and are supportive of their partners throughout the nine months. However, it is also true that unlike women men are not born with maternal instinct. While some take on the responsibility of being a dad with full commitment, most are left confused. Since they cannot anticipate the changes that their lives will be going through, it becomes important to educate them on this.

First understand that as your partner’s pregnancy advances there will be lots of bodily changes that she will go through. These changes will also extend to your home and life. Your otherwise well-balanced mate will suddenly vacillate between happy and sad. Her happy-go-lucky persona will undergo a transformation and you will have a partner who worries about everything.

These emotional changes are triggered by the onslaught of hormones in her body. Be sensitive to her moods and feelings instead of criticizing her for changing. Simply listen to her and try to understand if there is anything that she fears. First time mothers often swing between the joy of having a baby and fear of the pain caused during delivery. She needs your support to be sure that everything will be fine.

From the second trimester onward the pregnancy will start becoming noticeable. Some women also develop acne and rashes as the pregnancy progresses. At this point your partner will be upset about the way she looks. Tell her that the pregnancy suits her well and assure her of your love. She will also experience fatigue, nausea and other physical discomfort.

Sympathize with her problems instead of leaving her to deal with them herself. She might also start having doubts about her mother management skills. She needs to hear it from you that you are in this together and will offer her whatever support you can including taking care of the baby.

Go with your partner every time she goes for routine checkup. Some couples also join classes to help them understand the nuances of child birth. These classes are a great learning experience for both mother and father. Be present for the delivery only if your partner wishes so. And forget about any rude remarks she makes during the delivery. Your partner will be back to her normal self in time.

Anubha Pandey