Tips for Feeding Your Newborn Baby

You have just had a baby and along with the joy and happiness, comes along a wonderful package of caring, sleepless nights and fatigue. It is very important that you overcome your fatigue and take care of your little baby, because those initial months do matter a lot. Most medical practitioners advise that you must feed your baby at least eight times in a twenty four hour period.

It is good that you wake your baby every two to three hours so that he feeds regularly. Normally babies do get up when they are hungry but many a times they may sleep for long…it is better not to leave them that way. Try to wake them while in light sleep and keep them awake.

There are several tips to keep your baby awake for a feed or awaken your little baby. Firstly unwrap him, remove his clothes and let him be in a diaper alone. Keep the lights dim so that he can open his eyes and always talk to your baby, sure well he wont understand but its always good to communicate with your baby.

You may try to hold him in a standing or sitting position or massage his legs, arms and chest while breastfeeding. On the first day just make sure he licks a bit of milk as he likes the taste he will suck more. If you still find him falling asleep try changing position, changing him to the other breast or burping him. In spite of trying several times if he refuses to feed and still keeps falling asleep then let him sleep and you can try again after some time.

In case the baby does not nurse on the first try do not get vexed or upset. The baby and you may be tired after a long labor and could be drowsy because of medications. Sometimes babies may not be able to suck at the first try and you may feel that he is not latched properly.

There is no need to worry in the initial days you just need to keep at it and soon the baby will learn. Never get frustrated, be patient and that don’t let your baby sleep long hours and soon you and your baby will feel contented close to each other.

Esther Gideon


The author is a postgraduate in business management and is a mother of a four year old and an eight month old.