Tips for Foster Parents

Foster parenting can be a rewarding as well as a challenging experience for parents who volunteer to play the role of foster parents. Children in the past years have been abandoned and neglected under foster care and hence they have developed a cynical view of foster parents.

Challenging this pessimistic stereotype image of foster parents is a herculean task for the parents but not impossible to achieve. These tips might prove helpful to parents who have decided to step-in the role of foster parents. As a foster parent you should adopt an authoritative approach towards your foster child. However being authoritative does not entail setting strict and rigid codes of conduct. Instead it means establishing a parental authority on the children that ensures that the children behave and adhere to the common family rules.

Foster children have experienced an atmosphere of abuse and abandonment in their past years. As a result, they find it difficult to trust their foster parents. It is imperative for the parents to cultivate understanding and trust in the relationship with their foster children.

Spending time with foster children is the first step towards cultivating trust and bonding between parents and children. Outings, shopping trips, etc can be organized to allow your biological children to mingle with your foster children and form fruitful relationships. You can set up your television and computer in the living area where your foster children can sit with you while you watch television or carry out your task.

Keeping a check on the peer group of your foster child will ensure that the child is acquainted with the right kind of friends. If possible, try to meet the parent’s of the friend of your foster child.

Encourage your foster child to indulge in some positive activity like extracurricular. This will enable better development of the child and keep her away from risky or inappropriate activities. Allow your foster child to make choices for themselves about their goals in life and their career.

However as a foster parent prepare yourself for the fact that the children under your care will ultimately be adopted and it is your duty to make this temporary phase a pleasant experience for your foster children.