Tips For Grooming A Baby: Teeth And Ear Cleaning

Even before your little baby sports his first tooth, you should start caring for his gums.You can wipe the gums of the baby with a very soft wet cloth during bath time. There is no need to use any kind of toothpaste at this time. Caring for the gums is very important because you can’t tell when your baby’s teeth starts to push through.

Generally it is around 6 months of age that the teeth of your child start to appear. Find a toothbrush which has very small bristles, large grip so that you can hold it easily.

You need to clean the tongue as well as it can cause bad smell and promotes the growth of bacteria in the mouth. Even small children can develop infections, bad breath and gum diseases. So be careful and follow a regular gum care routine. You can avoid toothpaste as long as you are cleaning his teeth twice a day using a brush.

Replace the brush every month so that worn out bristles do not harm your baby’s gentle gums.

Fluoride is very important for babies. If your community does not have fluoride in its water, ask your dentist to prescribe some fluoride supplements for your baby. Fluoride ensures a life long benefit for baby’s teeth.

It is very important to clean the ears of a baby as ear infections are common amongst small babies. You can easily avoid them by simply following a good routine.

After giving bath to your baby, use a damp cotton to gently clean the outside and back of baby’s ears. Do not push the swab in the ear canal. It may damage the ear drum or cause hearing problems later on. It is not at all important to clean the entire wax. Many people do not know that ear wax protects the baby’s ear canal by sealing out the moisture, outside dust and pollution and bacteria.

If you think that your child is producing excessive ear wax, you can consult your physician.

Remember, children always learn a lot from their parents. So you can easily enhance their oral hygiene skills by following a good routine yourself.

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