Tips For Handling Cravings During Pregnancy

Handling Cravings During PregnancyFood cravings during pregnancy are quite normal as your body needs extra calories for developing a healthy baby in your womb. Hormonal changes also contribute to pregnancy cravings to some extent.

Pregnancy cravings are often considered a healthy sign, but expecting moms should handle this situation by making smart choices. If you develop an unusual craving for sweets and go on consuming candies, you may end up gaining too much weight posing risky situations during delivery.

There is no harm in satisfying food cravings during pregnancy, but always opt for healthy choices beneficial for you and your baby.

Tips for Handling Cravings During Pregnancy

The following tips will guide you as to how you can handle cravings during pregnancy so that you can maintain your health till the completion of your term:

Prepare the Food Items Yourself that You Crave for

This is the smartest way to satisfy your food cravings during pregnancy. If you crave for brownies, chocolates or ice creams, it is better to have the home made ones. In that case, you will have the option to make healthier choices like using little sugar or adding more nuts and fruits.

This will restrict your calorie intake and satisfy you more than the store bought items. Your health consciousness will drive you to prepare healthy food items, and you will consume in moderate amounts. You may develop a tendency of over consumption if you choose store bought items.

Always opt for Nutritious Food Items

Food cravings during pregnancy are not considered harmful as long as you opt for nutritious food items. Such food items may not be always satiating, but it will be beneficial for you in the long run.

Opt for calcium and protein rich food items. Low fat yoghurt can be one of the excellent choices. Take whole grain crackers instead of salt loaded chips and fries if you crave for salty foods. Citrus fruits like grapes and oranges will also satisfy your pregnancy cravings as well as take a good care of your health.

Select  the Portion Size

Food cravings during pregnancy are often momentary. Therefore, it is wise to consume in small portions whenever you go through pregnancy cravings. Opt for a small serving of yoghurt or a small bar of brownie instead of standard servings. Watch your daily calorie intake and select the portion size accordingly. In this way, you can curb your pregnancy cravings without compromising with your health.

Adjust your Physical Activities

You should remain physically active during pregnancy. If you feel that your calorie intake is crossing the set limits while satisfying pregnancy cravings, devote extra time to your physical exercises to burn the extra calories. If you go for regular walks, spend additional 10-15 minutes. Apply the same principle in case of other physical activities as well.

Avoid  self Pampering to Satisfy food Cravings

While there is no harm in satisfying pregnancy food cravings, still you should practice some self control. Too much of self pampering may be harmful for you and your baby. Follow a nutritious diet and never skip any meal or breakfast.

Divert your mind towards some other activities when you feel the pregnancy cravings. It is not necessary that you should satisfy these cravings every time. Keep yourself engaged in some creative activities. Idle brain often gives way to endless cravings during pregnancy. The more you satiate the more you crave.

Keep yourself Hydrated

Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. This will keep you full and prevent unwanted pregnancy cravings to some extent. You can drink unsweetened fruit juices and milk shakes to curb these cravings.

Drinking 1-2 cups of green tea is also advantageous in this situation, but avoid excessive intake of caffeinated beverages. Butter milk and milk shakes are also excellent options provided they are low in fat.

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