Tips for Handling Morning Sickness

There are so many symptoms and signs of early pregnancy. All these are indicators of the change going inside your body. Pregnancy is a complex process. Just imagine this! Pregnancy is development process which involves the making of a new life inside a woman’s body.

Hence it is quite understandable that a pregnant woman experiences so many changes mentally and physically which are also read as signs of pregnancy. And one of these signs of early pregnancy is morning sickness. This is something which is experience by maximum number of women in their first trimester. If you skipped your menstrual period and experience morning sickness, then it is a tell-tale sign of pregnancy.

Morning sickness is characterized by nausea accompanied by vomiting. You may develop aversion to food as well due to morning sickness. This is brought about changes in the level of your body hormones causing an increased sense of smell and taste. This will last for about forty-five days. The symptoms may range from mild and moderate to severe.

Gradually, as the body begins to adjust to the changing conditions, morning sickness disappears totally. The symptoms of morning sickness may be different for some women. Again, you don’t need to go by the name, morning sickness because the symptoms of this sickness may be experienced by some women at other times of the day including afternoon and evening or after having food or before taking meal. So, don’t be misled by the name.

Since the causes of morning sickness have to do with hormonal changes brought about by pregnancy, it is something which cannot be treated or cured. However, the symptoms of morning sickness can be reduced. So let’s focus on how to handle morning sickness. Since you may be losing lots of body water due to vomiting, you may keep yourself hydrated with water or fruit juices.

Also, get rest as much as possible. Don’t wait for an opportune time and place to sleep. Get as much sleep as possible. Snacking may also help. If you don’t want to eat a whole meal, you can supplement the lack in nutrients requirement through snacking. Also, a preparation of vinegar and cayenne pepper will help to settle down your unstable stomach.