Tips For Helping Kids With Their First Crush

Helping Kids With Their First CrushNo parent ever prepares themselves to hear their 6 year old discussing their first crush with them. At first, you might want to give a good piece of your mind to the child and ask her/him to focus on studies than wasting time on love.

But, gather yourself and react calmly. It is a sensitive issue, at least for the child and you do not want to shoo them away so that next time the child would think twice before sharing his/her problems.

In fact, you should be happy that your parenting skills are working and the child totally feels safe coming and sharing such a private feeling with you. Here are a few tips for helping kids with their first crush.

Tips For Helping Kids With Their First Crush

Be Empathetic Towards the Child’s Feelings

Don’t forget the days where you have had your share of crushes and how happily you used to share it with your close friends. Similarly, think like a 6 year old. Imagine yourself to be your child’s best friends, how would you react?

Would you scold him/her for falling in love or simply look excited and interested to know more? Show your child that you are all ears to listen to his/her feelings about their very first crush. No matter how difficult it could be for you to digest but be calm.

Ask your Child About why he/she likes Their Crush

It is very normal to know why someone chooses to like somebody. Ask your child what has made him/her to like their first crush so much. Your son or daughter may find the person’s nature very appealing. Their crush may be helpful and caring. Such traits are liked by all.

Make your child understand that his/her crush is a nice person and would grow up to be even better an individual. Your kid should know that these traits are likeable and everyone should strive to be a good human.

Give your child the needed space

Just like all adults, kids need their space too. Don’t keep enquiring about what’s happening with him/her. Give it sometime, maybe a week or so and ask again. Know if they feel the same about their crush.

If he/she chose to tell you, they would also let you know if they still like their crush or not. If you think your child is hurt because of their crush, do not yell and say you knew it would happen someday. Instead, be patient and try to cheer your kid.

Tell him/her it is part of life and there are so many people he/she has to meet in their growing years. Sometimes, kids feel dejected or start staying aloof, make sure as a parent; you do not let that feeling take a toll on your child’s mind. Once you feel that your kid no longer talks about their crush, you also stop talking about him/her.

Your kid may not appreciate so much investigation. Try to be your child’s best friend and understand how you felt when you had or a crush or when the feeling died down. Remember, it’s just a first crush, there are many more for you to handle as parents.

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