Tips For Looking And Feeling Good During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time when you are so happy about a new life growing inside you. But your expanding waistline can make you feel awkward at times and you may not feel beautiful and good about yourself. But keep reminding yourself that there are some beauty bonuses of being pregnant.

You get pleasant surprises. The sight of a pregnant woman can bring out the civility in people. People volunteer to help you out of your car, men hold doors open for you. You will be offered the cherished seats in a public transport. So enjoy the moments and the fact that people make you feel special.

During the second trimester, you will notice that your hair is looking very shiny and full. The pregnancy hormones make you lose a less amount of hair. Due to the pregnancy hormones, the nails grow at a faster pace. So go for that manicure or the nail art.

The increase in blood volume brings more blood to the skin and thus makes you look healthier and your skin glows. So give some credit to your pregnancy hormones in making you look beautiful. Your breast size tends to increase during pregnancy.

So you have a cleavage to show off. Charm your spouse by showing off your new physique because men love soft curves. Invest in some good maternity clothing. Try some v-necks and empire cuts. Flaunt your radiance.Follow a good skin care regimen. Always accentuate the positive aspects of your body rather than feeling awkward about your growing body.

Wear clothes that flaunt the positives. Feeling good about you is the first step towards looking good. So pamper yourself occasionally. Treat yourself to a manicure, pedicure or some new cosmetics. Sign up for maternity massage. It will make your body feel wonderful.

Adopt good eating habits. This will help you in keeping away the problems like anaemia, morning sickness, premature labor at bay. Spend some quality time with your hubby. After your baby is born, you will find it hard to spend time with each other. Watch movies together, go for a dinner date. Let your hubby pamper you.

Talk to your hairstylist about styles which are easier to manage and still look good. Hair colour is not a good option when you are pregnant. Chemicals in hair dyes may not be good for your baby.But if you want to colour your hair, talk to your doctor first.

Gaining weight is normal during pregnancy, but always remember to keep your weight gain within the recommended range. Ideally you should gain only 3 to 5 pounds during your first trimester and approximately 1 pound every week during the rest of the pregnancy. Regular exercise can help you in keeping the weight gain in check.

It also helps you in relieving unnecessary stress. Just concentrate on what all you can do rather than thinking about what you cannot do. Feel good about yourself and keep reminding yourself that you look great. Do not under estimate the power of positive thinking. Relish the changes and embrace them. Put your best foot forward and show the world that being pregnant is beautiful.

chhavi khullar