Tips For New Dads

During the pregnancy term its the mother and the baby that gets all the attention and tips and list of dos and donts. Everything is about them and during this time the fathers tend to get ignored.

Even fathers need to know what to do and how to handle the baby and how they can help out. So here are few tips just for the dad that will help them contribute and help in their little way. Its true, babies need to be handled with care and held properly, but babies are not made from porcelain and they do not break. Ask your doctor, mom or any relatives to tell you how to hold the baby correctly without hurting him.

In case you feel that you are not getting enough attention, you should stop being a baby, but if you cant talk to your partner about it. New mom’s are on a hormonal binge and can get very emotional and whine about the smallest little things. Lend a shoulder and sympathetic ear and listen to her and while you are at it keep an eye out for any signs of post partum depression.

Breast feeding is a part of motherhood and instead of getting aversed by it support her. If required take classes during the prenatal duration so that you can be informed about breast feeding. Help around the house as much as possible, do the laundary and pick up after yourself, you can also help with the cooking and the house cleaning so that your partner can get the much deserved rest.

There are minor cases wherein even dad’s suffer from post partum depression, may be because they realise that they are responsible for a new life and they actually have a child to look after. If you get any such thoughts then talk to someone immediately maybe even get a professional help.

Remember the only thing that you cannot help out with is breast feeding, you can bathe him, change him, help him sleep, soothe him when he cries, play with him.Help out with all this, so that there is some burden off your wife’s shoulders. Just because your wife has to feed the baby at night does not mean you sleep away to glory. Wake up and help her put the baby back to sleep after he’s been fed. If you can, drop in during the day with flowers or just to say hi, she may actually be happy with the surprise.

Having a baby home will definitly mess up your schedule and you may have to cut down on your boys night outs. But do not completely give up your life, once in a while get your parents or a sitter to help out and take a break. You can either have a boys night out or an intimate dinner with your wife, it will be a welcome break for the both of you.

Meera M.Das