Tips for New Mothers

Motherhood is great phase of every one’s life. This process involves large amount care and caution for both mother and the child. Immediately after the birth of the baby all your energies go in caring and comforting the baby. You fail to pay much attention toward your health which leads to several problems. After delivery your physical and psychological health is undergoing a healing phase in which you need to take care of yourself.

Soon after the baby born, every one wants to see and the baby. It may end-up with arrival of many visitors to your house. You may find very less time for yourself as you are the only responsible for your baby. In this situation you should take some help from your partner. Try and make some of your friend or relative to come to your place to help you. This may divide your work and you will get enough time for yourself.

Post pregnancy is a period when your body feels full of fatigue, less energetic and full of pain. With breastfeeding you need to eat well in order to retain your all energies. Eating after pregnancy has been connected to loaded fat rich food and heavy oily munches.

This is a complete wrong thing to do. With this process of eating you may end up with putting lots of weight. You just need to eat good amount of vitamins and minerals. Eat good amount of salads, fruits and protein rich food. Say no to fatty meat and oily snacks. Avoid butter and creams as they are not at all required by your body.

In order to fight with the excessive weight check your diet. You should stick to fat free diet. Try with small intervals of diet including vegetables, fruit salads, sprouts, and egg whites. For the main meals of your day try with soups, light sandwiches, and food with less oil. Try to avoid sweets but if you can’t resist some time go for some light desserts. Include, yogurt, skimmed milk and, cottage cheese in your diet as they are good source of protein and calcium.

It is very difficult for new mothers to cope up with numerous new responsibilities. With great suggestion, help and planning one can over come all problems.