Tips For Parents To Find More Time In Your Busy Schedule

 Parents To Find More Time In Your Busy ScheduleManaging work and parenthood is not an easy job. Finding time for youself is even more difficult. Sometimes you feel you cannot do anymore than what you just did. It’s a natural feeling and all of us have felt that way, be it parents or no kids.

The competition to keep up good work in office and the responsibility to be the best parent for your children could take a great toll on you. How do you release that pressure off, for some time?

How can you de-stress and give yourself the much needed”me” time? Here are tips for parents to find more time in your busy schedule.

Tips For Parents To Find More Time In Your Busy Schedule

Make Use of Whatever Time you Get

Be it ten minutes wait at a doctor’ clinic or waiting for your child after his/her class could be a great way to get in touch with yourself. These useful minutes could be used to re-collect yourself, decide on your next task to perform or simply just close your eyes for everything to settle around you.

The running around done by most parents can drive them crazy. A sneak in time can be a great way to be calm and composed for the rest of the day.

Do fun Activities Together

Surprisingly, most parents do not participate with their children’s play activities. Try to do something fun with your child. Engage in fun activities together and see how de-stressing it could be for you.

A playtime with children could help you bond with them too as well as get your children to know your fun side. Go to a video parlor, take a stroll in park or simply play around with your child in the park. Make sure to allot some “family time” that also gives you a chance to be yourself.

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Be a multi-tasking Parent

With parents, the most they complain is about having less time in hand to do anything extra. Therefore, try to multi-task your way out and do things like paying bills while cooking or socializing with friends over phone while cleaning the house. It is more about how well you manage time than actually sulking about not having enough. Remember, everyone has 24 hours in a day.

Set your Priorities

You do not have to be a super-parent. There are days where you don’t want to do something, put it away for the next day. It is not about delaying work or being lazy, it’s how you priorities the list of things in hand.

If you think the groceries could be left for some day else, then why work yourself and squeeze it today? Know what is important for that day and do not stress. It is humanly not possible to be everywhere at the same time. Take a breath and chill.

No Guilt for Asking help

Parents usually feel they could do things themselves fast rather than delegating it to someone else. Involve your children in your daily activities. There is nothing wrong in teaching them small things like putting dishes in the dish washer or simply answering calls for you if you’re busy with something else.

Time management and teamwork can definitely ease off pressure on parents and they could very well take out time for themselves too.

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