Tips for Parents to Handle Eating Disorders in Their Kids

Eating disorders leads to various health problems in kids.Hence, parents must help their kids to overcome this problem of eating disorders and encourage them to lead a healthy and happy life. 

For this parents must make their kids understand and realize the importance of food in our lives.However,if they are already the victims of eating disorders then parents must seek  a doctor, a dietitian, and a counselor to help their kids to achieve a healthy weight by following a nutritious diet.

Kids must be encouraged to think good about themselves. This can be developed only if parents too accept them the way they are and appreciate and encourage them. Parents love is always important for kids and hence parents must ponder their unconditional love to them always and develop healthy and strong relationship.

Parents must spend time with their kids and listen to their queries and give attention to their problems. They must be involved in their kid’s life and activities and provide them support whenever needed.

It’s very important for parents to develop the feeling of  high self-esteem and confidence in their kids .Parents must teach their kids that physical appearance do not matter and one should be a better person from inside and that is what counts and matters in life. Moreover staying healthy and fit  is more important than staying slim and anemic.

Healthy eating habits must be practiced at home so that kids too develop this habit right from the beginning. Parents should never force their kids to eat more because by doing so kids starts disliking the family meal time and also develops unhealthy attitude towards food.

Exercise is a healthy way of remaining fit. Parents must convey to their kids the importance of exercise and physical activity in our lives.So,parents must  involve their kids in physical activity like skating,swimming,cycling ,outdoor games like tennis, football etc.

Parents too can be the part of the different games along with their kids and thus encourage them to play. For people who are obsessed with exercise to stay slim and achieve athletic body, should  always remember that anything in excess is harmful .

So, excessive exercise too must be discouraged and they should be provided with the proper guidance.Instead moderate amount of regular exercise and healthy eating habits is the success mantra to stay healthy.

Raka Raghuvanshi