Tips For Preparing Yourself For Your First Prenatal Visit

So your pregnancy has been confirmed some days back and you are ready for your first prenatal visit. This visit is one of most important of all the prenatal visits and aims to find out if everything is going on as it should be. If the doctor suspects anything not normal, early remedy can prevent unwanted consequences later during the course of pregnancy.

During your first prenatal visit, your physician will physically examine you, measure your blood pressure, check your weight and may also order certain tests if deemed necessary. The bottom line is, you and your baby are closely examined and monitored to establish that everything is normal. On your part, you must also prepare yourself thoroughly so that you are ready with all the answers to all possible questions your doctor may ask. As such, here are a few tips for first prenatal visit preparation.

First, you must be having a lot of questions in your mind especially if this is your first pregnancy. To make the most out of your first visit, you must write down all such questions which stem from your inquisitive mind. It is not that your doctor will not advise you but the more asked, the more advice you get from your physician.

Secondly, list down all supplements and medications you have been taking including those prescribed as well the over-the-counter ones. This is because certain medications are not considered safe during pregnancy. The use of wrong drug can even lead to miscarriage. Therefore let your doctor assess if you have been under safe medication.

Also, get first-hand information of your family medical history and that of your partner. Certain pregnancy complications can be traced to genetic disorder. Even miscarriage can be caused by genetic factor. So let your doctor know your family medical history so that timely action can be taken up.

To date your pregnancy, you must also note when your last period happened. Midwives and doctors require this information to roughly calculate the date when you had conceived.

Lastly, take your spouse along at least during the first visit. Spousal role in pregnancy is often neglected. Taking him along, he will also realize how important his role is during the time you are pregnant.