Tips For Raising A Girl Child

Raising a child, be it a boy or a girl, is a challenging task for every parent. A parent has to look after the numerous needs of the child, ensure child’s safety and healthy development, and safeguard the child from negative influences, etc.

Bringing up a girl child requires special attention and care owing to the complex socio-cultural dynamics.

Parents play an important role in nurturing and developing a child’s personality and making her into a confident and smart individual. A balanced upbringing is the key to intingnstill optimistic traits in your girl child’s personality.

Often parents tend to fulfill very whim and fancy of their child with the result that their daughter grows up into a stubborn and high headed person. Such negative tendency of spoiling your daughter should be checked. Only those demands which are reasonable should be fulfilled.

It is quite understandable that a parent would like to pamper her daughter and treat her like a princess. But this does not entail that the parent should spoil her habits.By allowing the daughter to take decisions for herself from an early age and choose between right and wrong, parents can ensure that their daughter grows up into an independent and determined person who can take decision for herself.

Raising a girl like a delicate darling will create difficulties for her when she is faced with undesirable circumstances. Sometimes it is essential to allow your daughter to face the consequences of her actions and deal with them on her own. This will give her the confidence to deal with the challenges that may present themselves in the course of her life.

Educating a girl child is as important as educating a boy. Education opens the opportunities of living a dignified life as she can earn her living and fend for herself. Participation in physical activities should be encouraged as it will make her stronger in terms of physical health as well.

Parents often become overprotective of their daughters and keep them in a protective cocoon. This can serve as a hindrance in her social development. Parents should always try to give equal status to their daughter and allow her to develop her identity as an individual.


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