Tips for Safe Storage of Breast Milk

One of the problems working women find in nursing their babies is an irregular breastfeeding schedule. Once your maternity leave expires you have to resume going for work and this affects your nursing schedule.

But as you are aware of the nutritional benefits of breastfeeding, you do not want to switch to formula milk. In such cases expressing and storing your breast milk is a feasible option. Moreover, if you have plenty, you can even donate it to a milk bank.

Storing breast milk for use at later times has other benefits. You can be relieved from the hectic routine of nursing your baby. These breaks are most welcome especially when you resume going to work. Since the preserved milk is fed in a bottle, anyone including your partner can do the needful.

Anyway, your partner should get an opportunity to feed his baby. Moreover, at times when you are unwell and when it becomes impractical to physically breastfeed your baby, you can use the stored milk for feeding.

So how long breast milk can be stored? Since the human milk has natural antibacterial properties, it can last for longer time. If stored properly, it can last for about six months. Even if you store it at room temperature, it can last for seven to eight hours easily. The essential nutrients present in the breast milk are retained during freezing.

If you are also not adverse to the idea of storing breast milk, you will find the following tips for breast milk storage useful.

First choosing the right container for storage is essential. There are plastic bags available which are specially manufactured for the purpose. These are one-time use and should be disposed off once used. Also, you may use a plastic bottle or a glass bottle.

Again, store the milk in the freezer compartment as it will help in maintaining the acquired temperature.

Once you have taken out the milk, you should use it. Refreezing the breast milk is not advisable.

When you have taken out the milk you can heat it so that it turns to liquid stage quickly. However, heating the milk is permissible for not more than two times.

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