Tips For Successful Bottle Feeding

Tips For Successful Bottle FeedingThe task of bottle feeding your baby could be a confusing one. There are many questions that could crop up in your head, such as what position you should use, what formula you should choose, what sort of equipment you would need and what you have to do when your baby begins to spit.

There are some important bottle feeding tips that you can consider to successfully bottle feed your infant.

Useful Tips For Bottle Feeding

When you are baby feeding you have to first decide what sort of a formula you are going to provide to your little baby. When you are bottle feeding your infant, there are plenty of options which you can avail of. The easiest place where you can start is by asking your baby’s pediatrician for her or his recommendation.

Your baby’s pediatrician could recommend brands that would be good for your infant’s specific needs. Some of the name brand formulas are more expensive than the store or generic brands. The name brands have certain special features such as added supplements like arachidonic acid and docosahexaeonic acid or they are easier to digest. Whatever formulas you buy for your infant are all regulated by the FDA and are therefore very safe for consumption. While the name brands are more expensive than the store brands, their special features make buying them a worthy investment.

Getting Started With Baby Feeding

At first you could try buying a small formula. This is important because if our baby does not respond to this formula, then you will have avoided spending a lot of money on a formula that you could not have used. Spending a lot of money on a large baby feeding formula which your infant is not compatible with would have been a very big waste. If your infant has a lot of gas or spits a lot during baby feeding, then he or she could be intolerant to lactose.

You should not worry about this too much. Infants grow out of this when they become toddlers and can drink regular milk very easily.  For the time being you should choose a formula that is soy based and use it for feeding your infant. A Soy based formula would provide very good nutrition to your infant.

Get a Good Feeding Bottle

You will need good feeding bottle for baby feeding. There are plenty of different variations and brands of baby feeding bottle in the market. If you are breastfeeding your child, then you should choose a feeding bottle that has a natural shaped nipple and a wide neck.

By doing so you will avoid nipple confusion, and your bottle feeding baby can switch forth and back from your breast to the feeding bottle very easily. There are many companies that offer nipples which have different levels of flows. This is convenient as you could adjust the flow as your bottle feeding baby grows, and still continue to use the very same bottles. Bottle feeding your infant could thus become a very easy task. There are lots of feeding bottle which have comfort grips added to the sides. This would make things a lot more comfortable for you. It would also enable your infant to hold the feeding bottle and drink. You could try using several different kinds of feeding bottle and see which kind of feeding bottle would work best for your baby and for you.

Perfect Position for Your Baby

According to the experts on bottle feeding infants, the best baby feeding position is the semi upright position. You should hold your infant in your arms and keep his upper body and head slightly elevated. If your baby is sufficiently old enough to hold his own bottle, then you could place him in a bouncy seat rather than placing him flat on his back. By placing your infant in the semi upright position, you will prevent the milk from pooling in his throat and in his mouth and will consequently prevent your baby from spitting up the milk. Such a position is very helpful if your baby has colic or acid reflux. It will help to keep the formula from coming back to the baby’s esophagus.

Keep an Abundant Supply of Burp Cloths

You should have plenty of burp cloths at hand when you are baby feeding your infant. By keeping burp cloths at your disposal, you will be able to prevent a mess when you are feeding your baby. You will need to burp your bottle feeding baby during the bottle feeding and after the feeding. At the beginning you have to burp your infant after every two ounces. This will help to keep bubbles out of your infant’s stomach. There are various ways by which you can burp your infant. The most common method of burping your baby is by placing your baby on his stomach over your shoulder and patting his back gently.

This is a very effective way of burping your infant. Another way by which you can burp your baby is by placing your baby’s stomach over your knees or making him sit on your lap with your hands touching his stomach while you pat over his back very gently. You should find out what method would work best for your baby as all babies are different and need different methods. You have to be very cautious when you are baby feeding and burping your infant. You must take care to be very gentle and not cause your infant to vomit out everything he has consumed.

There is no one correct way by which you can feed as well as burp your infant. You are the only expert as far as your child is concerned, so you should try out different ways of feeding and burping your child and see what methods would suit you and your baby the most. Since there are so many techniques of bottle feeding, it would not be difficult for you to find a method which would be convenient for your infant and yourself. If you consider these guidelines, you will certainly be able to at least know how to begin baby feeding your infant.