Tips for the New Parents to Handle a Newborn

Most of the new parents get very nervous to handle their newborn babies, as they do not have any previous experience. At the same time, they always feel the urge to cuddle their little ones, which they cannot enjoy until and unless the baby is going to be little bigger in size. However, there is nothing to be frightened of.

If you are little cautious and careful while handling your newborn, nothing will happen to her. On the other hand she will feel more secured being into your safe hand and both of will enjoy these golden moments. Moreover, it will also help to strengthen the bonding between you and your baby from the very first day. Here are few guidelines which you should remember by heart, while handling your newborn.

The most important thing you should remember before even touching your baby is to wash your hand thoroughly. Your newborn is still to develop her immunity system, so she is very much susceptible to any type of outside infection. You may also use a hand sanitizer to disinfect your hand before handling your baby.

While picking up your baby from her cot, always place your hand under her neck and head. She is so small now, that your one hand can easily cover the backside of neck and head portion. This support is necessary till the neck gets strong and steady. You should also follow the same technique of holding while putting her down into the cot.

If you want to go out for a walk with your newborn, you can easily do so. But you must use a strong and sturdy baby carrier or stroller to put your baby. Better not carry your baby into your lap while walking as you might miss a step resulting into serious accident. While traveling in the car, you must use a car seat to provide her total safety.

Whatever you do with your baby, do it gently and softly. At this point of time, she is so tender, that she cannot tolerate anything rough and hard. Activities like shaking, jerking or throwing the baby into air should never be indulged as this can lead to serious damage to the baby and even death.