Tips for the Parents to Face The Challanges of New Borns

Bringing new life into this world is an exceptional feeling for both the parents especially the mothers. Babies during the initial months of birth are very demanding. Their biological clock takes approx few months of time to adjust to the new surrounding and hence they need lot of attention and caring. This result in sleepless nights for parent’s .

In addition, parents are unable to spend some quality time for themselves as well as among themselves resulting in strenuous relationship between them.Thus, handling this bundle of joy is a challenging job and requires lot of planning.

Right from the first day parents must try to set specific time for their baby’s daily chores like feeding time, bathing time, potty time, playing time and sleeping time. By doing so, slowly babies will develop these habits for these different activities and will thus help parents to comparatively lead a better comfortable life. The only basic rule for this is patience.

New parents are usually deprived of their sleep especially during the initial months.So, when the baby is awake, parents must plan to handle their babies in shifts. While the one partner is there with the kid, the other one should take a nap or sleep as desired. In addition, if there are grand parents, one should also ask for help from them as well.

If possible, parents can also opt for sleeping along with their baby by quickly finishing their household activities. Sleep is very essential for everybody because sleep deprivation can lead to bad mood, exhaustion, depression and decreases working efficiency.

With huge responsibility of bringing up babies, a mother needs to be active all the time. They need strength and stamina to cope up with the demanding needs of her baby.So, healthy diet should be included in her lifestyle.

At this junction of life, when parents are ruled by new baby, it becomes very boring for them. They need change and hence it’s very important for parents to break the monotony in life. Taking out sometime for themselves is a better idea .During this time ,they can distress themselves by doing any activity of their choice like reading books, going to parlour,swimming,meeting friends, shopping etc.This  rejuvenates them and gives them the power to  look after their baby with double amount of energy.

In addition, it’s important for the couples to take out time and spend out some quality time with each other. New baby brings about number of changes in both the parents, hence sharing the parenthood feeling, showering love on one another helps in strengthening bond between the two parents.

Raka Raghuvanshi