Tips for Traveling While You are Pregnant

Many pregnant women are not sure about traveling during those nine months. Though it is evident that nowadays most working women continue to go to office till their last stage of pregnancy, distant traveling still poses a big question.

Is it safe to travel long distance or fly while pregnant? But don’t worry. Traveling by car or boat or flying while you are pregnant is safe and secure provided you take care of few things before going out for a long distance journey. Make your travel plan more safe, relaxing and comfortable by following these tips.

Visit your doctor: Make sure you visit your doctor before making any travel plans. He or she will be the best person to guide you and also let you know whether you are fit for traveling or not. Once you get the green signal, start preparing.

Keep snacks and water ready with you: Taking frequent meals is a must while you are pregnant. So when you plan for a long journey, make sure you have enough snacks, fruits, juices with you to keep you fully nourished. You also need to drink a lot of water. So carry spare water bottles with you.  This will help you to ease morning sickness and nausea.

Take breaks : Make sure to take breaks while traveling. Get out of the car and stretch yourself a bit and move around. Even in plane, move around a bit. This helps in preventing soreness and stiffness. It is also recommended to stop the car at those locations where you find bathrooms and can refresh yourself. It is natural that you will have more pressure on your bladder which will urge you to go more often to washrooms.

Appropriate clothes: Wear comfortable, loose clothes for the trip.

Comfortable seats: Make your seating arrangements comfortable. Prefer to seat at the front so that you get space to stretch your legs.

Careful driving: Ask you partner or driver to drive at a slow pace and avoid bumps, curves and jerks.

Medical records: Always be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. So keep your medical records with you.

It is advisable to do most of the long distance traveling in the second trimester as there are less risks of miscarriage and pre-term labor. But nevertheless, if you have to travel, then you should not stop yourself. Just follow the tips above, you are sure to enjoy your journey.