Tips For Travelling While You Are Pregnant

Are you one of those ‘mommies to be’ who thinks that the arrival of a baby is followed by nine months of confinement and boredom? No outings or romantic weekends with your husband or short visits to your parents place. Well then let us ward off all these myths.

Travelling while you are pregnant is not as simple or cool as it could be when you are not but it is not as complicated or impossible either. All it takes is some safety measures and some patience. Well let us start off with few precautions you can take while you are travelling.

Be prepared

Make a list of things that you are supposed to take and finish packing well in advance. Start packing at least a week before. Check the tickets and the dates. Any last minute confusion can cause great amount of stress, anger and anxiety which is neither good for the baby nor for the mother. Moreover you do not want your baby to think that its parents are irresponsible. Right?

Eat at regular intervals

No matter what means of transport  you are taking, carry lots of healthy snacks like fruits,  juices, dry fruits, water and medicines (if any). Even if it is a short flight or long road trips you should never be short of foods and water. Do not consume salts in excess and treat yourself with your favorite bar of chocolate once in a while and come what may do not skip your meals.

Be comfortable

Choose a seat that suits you best in terms of comfort. If possible carry a small pillow or cushion to support your back and head. Do not sit for long at a stretch. Even if you have to sit for really long, say a long flight or train journey then keep moving your legs and walk down the aisle once or twice .

This will enhance blood circulation and you will be free of cramps and swollen legs. Last but not the least, wear something loose and comfortable. This includes even foot wear. If you are taking a road trip stop at regular intervals and get down your vehicle and stretch yourself. Also use the restroom time to time as per your requirement.

Stop whining

Instead of whining about how miserable your journey is look forward to the things coming up at the end of it. Carry an iPod, listen to your favorite songs or read your favorite author’s book. It is very important for you to stay calm at all times during your pregnancy. Any kind of stress or pressure can have an adverse effect on you and your baby. So stay happy and stay cool.

Avoid exertion

Given the liberty to travel does not mean that you can exert yourself. Activities like trekking, hiking, scuba diving, skiing are fun but not when you are pregnant. Also avoid going to high altitudes which can cause lack of oxygen and breathlessness. So refrain from all such activities. You can take brisk walks though. You can even indulge in some forms of yoga and swimming.

However in cases of high risk pregnancy, travelling can be avoided or can be pursued with your doctor’s take on it. As the saying goes ‘Prevention is always better than cure’. So follow these mantras and enjoy travelling.