Tips For Travelling While You Are Pregnant

As much as it gives a to-be-mom an eternal pleasure, pregnancy comes with a do’s and don’ts list to protect the duo. And one of the major queries coming to your mind would be “Can I travel during pregnancy?”Of course you can – as long as there are no known concerns / complications.

Travelling is undoubtedly not prohibited during pregnancy. However, one cannot compromise the health of the to-be-mom and the baby. Your doctor or mid-wife can suggest the safest mode and the best time for you to travel. But before you go on board on your journey, here are few tips that could make your trip comfortable and safe for you and your baby.

First and most important, always carry your medical records, your medicines, prescriptions and any vital health information with you. Any key contacts and numbers should be added in case of any emergency.

Hunger is surely a familiar companion during pregnancy and missing any meals can leave you feel sick. So pack plenty of snacks and health foods in your luggage. Keep water or liquids too, it’ll keep you hydrated.

Additionally if you need to travel by air, do so while in your second trimester. Dress easily and make sure you tag on the rules of your airlines. Read the policy on pregnant flyers to avoid any kind of hassle at the last minute. Make sure you inform the ground staff to give you a comfortable seat. Strap your seat belt low and ask for any help needed. Get up and walk around when you can, it’ll help the circulation.

And in case you need to travel by road, make sure your car and your seat is comfortable. Try to keep the trip short – road travel turns out tiring as roads can be bumpy too. Carry a pillow; it’ll help you during tight positions. If the journey is long, take frequent breaks- again, it helps circulation.

Avoid travelling to a place at a very high altitude around your third trimester. If you need to, then take the first few days easy and give yourself time to acclimatize.Avoid any adventure sports. Just pamper yourself lying back and enjoy the changed scene.