Tips for Weight Loss After Pregnancy

After having delivered a baby, a lot of women are in a bit of a hurry to return to their pre-pregnancy shape. What a lot of women forget is that the changes that have occurred in their body have occurred over the past 9 months, and as such they will not change over night.

They will take a certain amount of time to go away. In addition to that if you try and rush things, it will be harmful for your body, and your baby’s health.

First and foremost, do not start dieting very early after your pregnancy. You need at least 5 to 6 weeks of complete bed rest before you can think about starting a weight loss regime.

In addition to that after a substantial amount of time you should not be too drastic about your dieting. Reduce 300 or so calories per day. At this rate you will lose a pound in about 12 days.

You need to have realistic weight loss goals. Thinking or hoping that you will lose 20 pounds or so in a month is out of the question and you should not even think about it.

Even if you are reducing your calorie intake make sure your body is not suffering nutritionally otherwise this will affect the quality of your breast milk. During pregnancy the changes that occur in a woman’s body sometimes tend to become permanent even after pregnancy. Considering this you should be a little relaxed towards your weight loss goals.

Exercise is very important and you need to have regular exercise. Since your body has just been through such a major change, it is best to start off slow and easy. With that in mind go out for a walk in the grass for 15-20 minutes every day as this will help your body become active and you will feel better as well.

You need to start becoming more active as days go by because this also plays a very important role in post-pregnancy weight loss. You must remember to eat right, have regular exercise and be very active because these are the best and most effective ways of healthy post-pregnancy weight loss.


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