Tips On How To Make A Child A Good Human

make a Child Into A Good HumanPositive Parenting and Positive Teaching helps everyone develop social skills and good values viz. mutual respect, empathy, cooperation, peaceful conflict resolution, responsibility for one’s activities by the use of motivation, etc.

Transform Your Child Into A Good Human

Believe in Self

One has to believe that the first idea which a child should acquire, is to understand the difference between good and evil. A child needs to understand about the possible outcomes of evil things, so that he/she could refrain themselves from it. However, for the same, it is the duty of the parents to make them understand the difference.

Hint Smartly

The aim of parenting is basically to teach the children, without hinting at the child that they are being taught something, which is really important for them. If parents succeed here, the children would automatically start learning, helping them to touch their imagination and enthuse them to their innermost core.

Positive Reflections Matter

In a survey, a mother said that all I have to do is look at him/her in a certain way and he/she stops misbehaving. She had saturated her child’s self awareness along with positive feelings & the child was used to the way he/she felt on receiving these signals. The moment his mother signaled negative expressions, the child didn’t feel good.

On his part, he changed his behavior, all of a sudden, to regain his sense of well-being. One important thing which should be done is to be a positive mirror. If a child gets positive reflections from the parent, he actually learns to think well of himself. Children might even welcome feedbacks of their parents about their behavior so that he can make changes in it. This also becomes a discipline tool.

Being Realistic

The next important thing is to be realistic. One cannot feel boosted or smile all the time, and still be human. Your child should know this fact that parents have some bad days too. Your sensitivity towards him will increase his sensitivity towards you and one day he would be the one who would lift your self- confidence and shall become a good human being.
Guiding ValueIt is not correct to throw a children into the ocean of diverse values , when they are too young. It is preferred that one should start with developing his/her own values first. This may produce a child so confused that he/she would neither have self conscience nor standing value system.

The child who begins with the strong value system is better able to weigh his/her parents’ value system against alternatives and develop his/her own strong code of values. These values may be different from the values of the parents.

A child learns value not from what one teaches to him/her but from what he/she sees around him/her. He/she acquire values from watching varied behavioral acts of his surroundings, e.g. father teaching his son that alcohol is a bad thing & he should never take these things.

In this case son would never learn from what his father said, instead he would think that if his father could take this, why can’t he. Therefore, we should always behave accordingly so that the child automatically turns into a good human being.

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