Tips On Parenting – Must Know Things For Positive Parenting

Raising children is not an easy task, especially when both parents are working outside the home every day. In this article you would find some tips on parenting and how to deal with the common issues that your children face day to day.

One of the difficulties that most parents face is teaching their children responsibility at home. These days most if not all children expect some form of compensation by doing housework.

Yes, it is good to give rewards to your children for a job well done, but you should also make them understand that not everything that they do around the house gets paid for. The way to teach kids the value of pitching-in on housework is by leading by example. Make sure that your children see you put your things in their proper places. This will help teach them to take care of their things and put them in all their respective places.

Another way of teaching your kids the value of helping around the house is by having a list of chores posted on a place where they can see it. Include your chores as well so that they could understand that they are helping you according to their abilities and that you also have your share of housework that needs to be done.

It would also help if you do not associate their allowance with house chores. This would help them understand that chores are part of the family life and not a job that they would get paid for if done on time.

Children need encouragement in their daily dealings. To encourage good behavior, you need to be able to catch your children when they do good things. Praise them for their efforts or good deeds, this would help motivate and develop good behavior in your children.

Learn how to differentiate rewards from bribes. Offer something good to your children like an ice cream cone after they show good behavior, not before. An example of this would be; When you are out and your child or children did not give you a hard time at the supermarket, you can tell them that they showed good behavior by making shopping easier and offer them an ice cream cone.

There are more tips on parenting that you can read about, but the most important thing to keep in mind when teaching your children something is to be consistent with your methods. Praise them when they do something good and offer occasional rewards, but also don’t forget to instill discipline in them when they do something that is not so good.