Tips To Bring Up Single Child

Parenting single child requires patience and time, love and attention. Single child tends to mature early. Some simple techniques mentioned here would help you in parenting your single child.

Single child is usually obedient and love to please authority, namely parents. Give the child space and freedom to do what he or she likes best. When a child is allowed to explore areas of own interest, learning becomes easier and fun. Identify areas of interest and encourage. Single child should not be subject for materializing unfulfilled wishes of parents.

Only child tends to be perfectionist. When you redo every little thing he does, he may get upset. This not only prevents him from being self sufficient but also damage self confidence. However, it does not mean that you should not criticize your only child. When you find that he is reluctant to share, negotiate and accommodate views of peers, it is time to take steps. Talk with your child and discipline him, showing that such acts are unacceptable.

Only child has to deal with high expectations from parents. Sometimes he sets some unrealistic targets. Inevitably, all such targets are not achieved. This leads to depression, Anxiety and Tension. Most of these children find it difficult to accept failure. As parent, your duty is to teach your only child that failures are part of life. Help him to set targets and guide to attain them.

Never forget that you are interacting with a child and not some machine! Train him to be enterprising, ambitious and energetic. Teach the value of work but do not forget the value of playing and relaxing. It recharges the battery and makes life more enjoyable for the little one.

Protection is good, over-protection is harmful. Do not prompt your child constantly and dictate all his moves. He will never learn to do anything by himself. Let him face few difficult situations and uncertainties. This will help in developing decision making and problem solving ability.

Involve your single child in some active peer groups like soccer team or scout group. This helps your child to learn, share and socialize among peer groups.