Tips to Calm You’re Crying Baby

When you are pregnant you dream about having a baby always charming and smiling up at peaceful mother’s face and when your child starts crying you feel helpless when you are unable to understand the reason.

Like every human being even babies have some need and desire. Since they cannot talk and express them, they need someone to help them figure it all out. This is the reason that they start crying.

You can often determine why your baby is crying by the situation surrounding him. There are reasons behind your crying child and understanding the clues may tell you what he is up.

A child starts crying if three or four hours have passed since his last feeding time or maybe he has just waked up and has a full dipper which is irritating him. At this juncture a feed or a dipper change might stop his cry.

Many a time your child might feel lost interest in a particular toy or maybe he is rubbing his eyes or looking gazed and yawning. This is the situation when you should understand that he is feeling sleepy and stop him from crying.

Always try to figure out the source of distress and solve the problem. You baby might also cry when he is uncomfortable because of too wet, hot or even cold.  Your baby also cries when he is sick and feels weak. A little care of his health with the help of a healthcare provider will make him happy again.

If you breast feed your child you should feed him on demand, for nutrition as well as for calming him when necessary. When you breast feed your baby try to avoid food that causes gas as they might put your baby in trouble resulting into a crying baby.

Offer your child frequent and smaller meals so that he is not hungry. If your baby uses a feeding bottle it is very important to prevent air from entering your baby as he drinks.

Hold him in an upright position and make him burp often. Give him a warm bath and make him relaxes as and when required. All these will help you to avoid as well as, calm your baby when he is crying.

geeta krishnan