Tips To Find A Good Babysitter

If you are searching for a perfect baby sitter for your little one, do not worry. There are so many ways of finding a qualified baby sitter.Adopt good strategies like calling up professional babysitter agencies, search for online services or you can also place your ad in the newspapers.

Choosing a babysitter depends on your needs. If you are going to leave your child alone with a babysityter, choose someone who is mature and old enough to hande the job. But age is not the only factor that you have to consider. You and your baby must be comfortable with her personality. Your main concern should be to check her previous childcare experience.

Make some ground rules and make sure that the sitter follows them. The sitter must reespect your house and possessions. She should not be allowed to smoke or drink in your house. Ask for references and discuss schedules and availability of the sitter. Access the level of experience and training in safety procedures. If you have older kids, find out how she will be entertaining them.

Is she up for outdoor games? If you have any restrictions like limits on TV time or watching particular shows in front of kids etc, make sure you mention them.
Always keep in mind that there is no such thing as an irrelevent question when it comes to your child’s safety and well being. So never hesitate to ask whatever you have in your mind.

Be a good paymaster. Baby sitting rates depend on a lot of factors such as where do you live, how many kids do you have, if there is any cooking or driving involoved. Consult your friends and other parents to get a good idea of the going rate. Prepare the babysitter for the job. If the sitter is working for the first time in your house, ask her to come half an hour before your departure.

This will help her in understanding the house and your child. Show her how the door locks work. Make sure that everything your baby needs is within her reach. Show her where you stash all baby care supplies. Give her the emergency phone numbers. Explain the bedtime routines and meal time procedures.
Always remember to leave your phone number, address .

Do not expect her to do things which are beyond the scope of what you had originally discussed. Keep in mind that it is not her job to do laundry and clean the kitchen. This will also divert her mind from the kids. But it is reasonable to expect her to clean up any mess that are made in your absence. If she has done something very well, appreciate her. This will help in boosting her confidence.

Make your sitter feel needed and welcome in your home. Do not take the relationship for granted. Let her know that you value her hard work. An employer-employee relationship is a two way street. If you respect her, she will also respect you and your child.

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