Tips to Get Pregnant with Irregular Periods

There are so many women who are struggling to get pregnant. And one of the major causes for infertility in women is irregular periods. As per a recent statistics, irregular periods account for about 40 % for all cases of infertility in women. This may be quite an alarming revelation for you. But take heart, it is not too difficult to get pregnant even when you have irregular period if you can follow a few tips. However before going into these tips for getting pregnant with irregular period, let’s first try to understand how irregular menstrual cycle is responsible for infertility in women.

Ideally a woman’s menstrual cycle is completed in 28 days commencing from day 1 of a menstrual period. And out of these 28 days, a woman is most fertile only for a few days. Her fertile phase starts a few days before she ovulates and a few days after ovulation. Ovulation is when the ovary releases an egg and it happens 14 days before day 1 of menstrual period. Now a sperm can survive for about 72 hours after its release. So if time your intercourse three days before ovulation, on the day of ovulation or one or two days after ovulation, the likelihood of getting pregnant is very high. The likelihood is reduced at other times. Having irregular period means she never knows when she is going to ovulate. This means her fertile period also becomes unpredictable. And consequently, she finds it difficult to conceive.

Stress is one of the main causes of irregular periods and hence you are advised to follow a healthy lifestyle and indulge in regular exercise to keep off stress. Keeping away stress hormones will normalize your menstrual cycle. Now, here are a couple of tips to get conceived in spite of having irregular period.

First, increasing the frequency of sexual intercourse will enhance your chances of getting conceived. If have regular sexual intercourse, then you are not likely to miss having intercourse during your fertile period. Secondly, you can help yourself with an ovulation predictor kit. This kit can track your hormone level and also measure your body temperature to predict ovulation. You can now time sexual intercourse to enhance your prospect of getting conceived.