Tips To Handle A Pickty Eater

Eating solids is still a new process for your toddler. A mother must understand that he needs time to get used to new textures, colors and tastes of different food items. Most of the toddlers do not try a new food unless you serve it to them again and again.

Offer your kids a variety of new and healthy foods. Keep the environment relaxed and positives so that the mealtime is enjoyable for each member of the family.

Always keep in mind that the food served to your toddler should be age appropriate.

When you introduce a new food item, do so in a small amount. Do not offer him entire meal of unfamiliar foods. Keep at least one item in plate which you know your kid likes. It is better to give him a new food when he is very hungry.

You must keep it in mind that the palates of some children are more sensitive than the others and thus they may not like the color, texture or smell of certain food items. Some children may also reject some food because it reminds them of something negative.

Innovate new ways to increase the nutritional value of the dishes your toddler enjoys.
You can add some diced chicken to macaroni or you can add vegetables in his noodles. Do not offer him sugary foods in an effort to make him eat more. It is important t develop the culinary skills of the child.

Try to minimize the distractions on the dining table. The meal time should be quiet and relaxed. Do not let him watch cartoons while having food as he may loose interest in eating.

Do not expect him to embrace a wide variety of foods. Set an example for him by eating a healthy meal yourself. Forcing your child to eat more and try new foods will only make him stubborn. Never hover at mealtime constantly. Continuous cajoling or wheedling will make him more resistant to eating.

If you think that your toddler is not eating well, consult your doctor before giving him any kind of multivitamins or supplements.

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