Tips to Handle Alcoholism in Kids

Alcohol is extremely hazardous and have ill effects on health .Kids are experimental by behavior and therefore their probability of indulging themselves into various wrong habits is very high.

Drinking alcohol is one of them.So, it’s very important for parents to make their kids aware about the side effects of alcohol on their health.

Parents play a vital role in their kids childhood development .This is a learning and discovery phase for kids. Therefore during this phase, parents must develop a very strong bonding with them. Children are full of curiosity and so parents must encourage kids to ask their questions and thus develop a strong base of communication between them. This later helps parents to discuss in detail about the various bad effects of alcohol.

Generally, kids or teens with low self esteem and low confidence level get easily into this wrong habit of alcoholism.Therefore, through small-small activities parents must help their kids to develop high self-esteem and confidence level in their kids. By doing so, kids learn to think and act individually. This in return helps the kids in their teenage to handle their peer pressure as well.

During the growing up phase, kids pick up habits from their parents. They imitate them.So; parents must reinforce positive healthy behavior by setting themselves as role models. And therefore they should never practice wrong habits in front of their kids.

As kids grow and enter their teens, their decision is highly influenced by their friends and therefore their chances of indulging into alcohol increases.So, parents must educate their kids about the adverse effect of alcohol on health. Beside this, during the childhood development years, parents must encourage and involve their kids in various decision making process and problem solving process. This helps the kids to make correct decision as well as believe in them and follow them.

Make your kids learn to handle stress in healthy ways. Parents must be always stay connected with them and provide them support and love .They must make their kids realize that they are always with them and their kids can share and communicate with them freely. By doing so, even at difficult times, kids know that they have their parents to support them and hence they do not take the temporary support of alcohols.

Raka Raghuvanshi