Tips to Handle Fussy Babies

Your baby is crying endlessly and you don’t seem to understand what to do. This situation can make you feel so helpless. It is important to understand what calms your baby. Every baby is different and what works for one may not work for another.
Most of the calming techniques
involve rhythmic motion, visual distractions, soothing sounds and close touch.

Generally babies cry due to hunger
, discomfort, boredom, colic pain or fatigue.You have fed them, changed their diaper. Now what else can you do?
You can try giving your baby a pacifier.

Some babies may not accept them at first but you can keep trying.Singing a lullaby helps a lot. Hearing the soft voice of the mother will help in calming the baby.

Infants are used to a secure life in the womb. So try to comfort him in the blanket which makes him feel warm and secure.You can try playing some soft music or show your baby a musical toy.

Some babies like the slow rhythm of swings, so you can put them in a swing if it helps. You can take your baby for a ride in the car or go for a walk. This helps in distracting the baby.

Talk to your baby. Hold your baby in your arms in a comfortable position and talk to him until he stops crying. Pat his back gently to make him feel comfortable.

Babies recognize the touch of their mother. Keep them close to your skin as it makes them feel secure. Always trust your instincts. Go with your gut feeling and give your baby the attention and care that she needs. This will not spoil your baby in anyway.

A crying baby can make you irritable and tense. It is very important to maintain your cool and have patience. Babies cannot talk and crying is the primary mode of communication for them.

Never allow yourself to be angry with the baby. If you need a short break, find a babysitter or a friend to watch your baby and head out for a while. Remind yourself that this phase will pass and how special your baby is.

chhavi khullar