Tips To Have Adequate Breast Milk For Your Baby

This is a common concern for almost every mother that their newborn baby is not getting enough milk to feed on. Though it is not true in most of the cases, however for some women it really happens. For some reason, they are not able to produce adequate milk as per their baby’s requirement.

Thus their baby remains hungry for most of the time. As a result the baby gets cranky and does not get enough nourishment, which often leads to less growth and immunity for the baby. Here are some ways by which you can solve this problem and ensure better growth and immunity for your newborn.

One of the common methods to increase the amount of milk in your breasts is by using a pumping machine. You should pump your breasts quite frequently or feed your baby as long as she wants. While you start to feed your baby, make sure she finishes one breast before your offer her other one.

Usually the more your baby sucks the more you are stimulated to produce milk. However, sucking should not be just licking the nipples being sleepy on the mother’s lap.

You should make your baby completely awake and be certain that she is really hungry before you start feeding. In any of these cases, your baby will not be in a mood to suck the breast properly. So automatically the milk production rate will be affected.

During the first few weeks of your baby’s life, you should not introduce the feeding bottle. Let your baby remain completely fed by your breast milk.

This time she is supposed to be fed in every 2 to 3 hours. If you introduce the artificial nipple of the feeding bottle, she will get confused and she might reject your nipple at the time of breast feeding. In this situation, it will be much difficult to maintain the milk flow, even if it was not less.

You should also be very careful about your diet. Drink adequate water and eat nutritious food including oats and oatmeal, to keep your body healthy. This is the time when you have to avoid things like caffeine, smoking, decongestants, certain allergic medications etc. as these will reduce the amount of milk in your breasts.

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