Tips to Help Kids to Make Friends

Friends occupy a special place in everyone’s life including kids. All of us enjoy having friends. They are the ones with whom we wish to spend time together and can do unlimited chatting, share secrets, study together, have fun.

However, all kids are not good at making friends. They lack certain skills which are required for making friends. As a result they are unable to make friends. So, parents must help their kids to make friends.

Parents must always try and take out time for their kids. They should be well aware of the various social and other activities in their kid’s life. Encourage their kids to share their thoughts and feelings to them. They must understand their kids and provide unconditional support to them.

Some kids are shy in nature. They do wish to make friends and enjoy friendship. But their introvert behavior act as a hindrance. So, parents of such kids must encourage their kids to attend kid’s parties and participate in group activities.

Parents must arrange frequent get-together for their kids by inviting their kid’s class friends or their neighbor’s kids. By doing so, slowly the hesitation level goes down and the child opens up. Parents should also invite new friends of their child at home  and provide them the chance to spend time together.

Children learn maximum number of things from their parents. So, parents should themselves set examples by becoming good friends. Children will automatically follow them.

It’s important for parents to build certain social skills in their kids which will help them to make friends. Like:

Parents must help their kids realize them their strengths and positive areas.

Parents must always listen to their kids first and then guide them accordingly. By doing so, kids too learn this habit of patience listening to their friends which is an essential tool in building friendship.

Parents must encourage and compliment their kids for achievements. This helps the kids to inculcate this habit in their behavior and practice in their friendship.

Parents must also help kids learn to show empathy to others at their difficult times. By doing so, kids develop reliable and helpful friends.

Parents must be tolerant and less critical. Criticizing kids frequently make them less confident and low self esteem.

Raka Raghuvanshi