Tips To Help You Get Pregnant

Having a baby and being parents is the most beautiful joy that every couple have. If you want to increase the odd of getting pregnant sooner, here are few tips that will help you have a healthy baby very soon. The first and the most important thing are to consult a doctor and have all your tests done.
This will ensure that your body is fit for having a baby that is healthy. Moreover, these tests will also reveal the difficulties that are there in your body which is stopping the birth of a baby. You should also ensure that infertility tests of your spouse are also done. The defect in your neural tube reduces your chance of conceiving  so, it is very important that you start taking folic acid at least two to three months before you plan to conceive.

You should keep sex fun when you have made your plan to conceive. You should have rooms where you can have sex during the odd time of the day. But remember that you don’t hop up to the bathroom just after having sex.  Simply lying down for a few minutes after intercourse, increases your chance of being pregnant.

You can also try out different sex position that can enable the sperms to quickly reach the ovary for fertilization. Try and understand your fertility cycle and make love often during this period. If you have a good stamina then it is good to have sex after every 48 hours which ensures fresh shipment of sperms waiting in the fallopian tube.

You should avoid the intake of caffeine as soon as you plan having a baby. Caffeine restricts the growth of your baby as well as it causes fertility problems.

If you and your spouse are regularly exposed to hazardous then it is time for you to change the job or modify it as it is very important for the development of sperm and the embryo. Start keeping a menstrual calendar as it can prove a helpful if you experience any kind of problem while conceiving. You should also consult the doctor if you are taking some medicine before you conceive.

geeta krishnan