Tips To Keep Your Newborn Baby Clean And Healthy

The birth of a baby in the family brings lot of happiness and joy. All the family members get very delighted when they hold a new born baby in their hands. There is celebration all around due to addition of a new member in the family.

The parents of the baby are extremely delighted after the delivery of baby. With lot of happiness all around, it is very important for the parents to take care of their child in a proper manner.

The parents should make sure to take care of the health and cleanliness of their new born baby. Hygiene and health of the baby should be the utmost priorities of all the parents.

The skin of the baby is very delicate and sensitive. Parents and other people should avoid touching the skin of the baby frequently. Also, before holding the baby in hands, everyone should make sure to wash the hands properly. Anyone coming from outside should avoid going to the baby immediately.

He or she should settle down and then wash the hands and face properly before entering the baby’s room. These preventive measures would help in guarding against skin infections, thus helping to maintain sound health of the baby.

Breast feed is very important for the baby’s health. It is very important for mothers to only give breast milk to their babies for first three to four months after delivery. Thereafter, some other liquids and semi solids should be given to the babies.

However, breast feeding should be continued for around one and a half to two years. Breast milk would help in protecting the baby from various kinds of allergies and diseases. The immune system of the baby would be boosted up with the help of mother’s breast milk.

It is very important to keep the baby neat and clean. Clothes of the baby should be changed at least twice in a day. It is recommended not to bathe the child every day during winters. Sponge bath should be given on every alternate day. Nappy area should be cleaned frequently. After five to six months, when the baby starts crawling, you should make sure to clean their feet and hands several times in a day.

By keeping in mind the above given information and tips, you would be able to maintain sound health and cleanliness of your new born child.