Tips To Know Your Delivery Due Date

Once you know that you are pregnant then probably you are eager to about when your baby is going to arrive. You eagerly start waiting for your due date to come and the nine months seems like a long way but actually it is around the corner and will come much faster than you think.

You can calculate your due date, a day of your baby’s arrival, and stop counting on your fingers and toes.  Knowing the due date seems like a magical counting but basically the calculation is based on specific dates and information provided by you. The information includes your last periods date and the average gestation time.

The due date is actually calculated as approximately 280 days or 40 weeks from your last periods date. Some pregnancy comes early and some come late, about two weeks before the pregnancy due date but there are some signs that appears which announces the end of the pregnancy.

The pregnancy due date also comes when the baby goes down to the pelvis area about 10 or 14 days before giving birth. During this period the pressure on your stomach is less and your digestion becomes better.

In the last two weeks, before the pregnancy gets over the Braxton hicks contracts and it also helps you to calculate your due date.  This also gets more frequent, stronger as well as painful with the due date coming closer and closer.

You can also calculate your due date if you remember the exact date on which you had conceived. This calculation is very simple and you just need to add 266 days to this day.

The ultrasound that is done by the health care provider during the first trimester also helps in determining the age of your baby and the expected due date. You can also know your due date by the changing texture of the uterus.

You may also notice the fluid of your vagina which becomes pink before the due date. As the uterus neck gets soft, the mucous plus comes out. This is also a sign that helps you to know that your due date is just near. Water breaking and back pain is also a problem that appears as your due date comes near.

geeta krishnan