Tips to Prepare a Baby Room

Many women start preparing a nursery as soon as they come to know that they are expecting. The joy of welcoming a baby is combined with the feelings of doing the best for him/her. Besides, as soon as you bring the child home, the nursery will be your baby’s world. This is the room your baby will sleep, eat, change in and soon start playing. The room will always be special because it will be full of fond memories. Hence it is important that you make this room comfortable, beautiful, and safe for your baby.

Paint the room in bright neutral shades in case you have decided not to find out the sex of the baby before birth. Instead of opting for blue or pink, try shades of lime green, orange, mint green, misty blue or mauve. Pastel shades make a small room appear bigger while also making the room brighter.

When choosing furniture for your baby’s room, safety should take priority. You will require a crib (that meets all the safety standards), a diaper changing table (that has built-in low rail five inches in height and higher than the height of the cushion pad on the table) and a comfortable chair for the mother (that should be well padded and have a back rest when you sit there for late night feeds) to sit in and feed the baby. You will also have to add a bed when your child outgrows the crib. Remember that a bed with rails is safer. For keeping baby clothes, diapers, toys etc, a wooden or steal cupboard with lots of stacks is a good buy.

Safe proof the room entirely for when your infant will become a toddler. This means that all low reach electric points need to be duct-taped or removed. There should be no drawers within the reach of your toddler. If you stay in high rise apartments ensure that your life-size windows are properly latched. Get them railed if possible. This way you will not have to worry about the windows at least. Instead of having foot stoppers for doors, opt for the middle stoppers that are placed vertically in the middle of the door. A foot stopper can be hazardous if your toddler tries to play with it.

Follow your mother’s instincts and keep your child safe and happy.

Anubha Pandey