Tips To Select Perfect Toddler Shoes

First steps of your toddler are a treat to watch. This may happen somewhere near first birthday. As your little one starts taking brave steps you may start thinking about appropriate shoes for him. Before starting to walk, a pair of soft booties is sufficient to take care of his feet. However, as the little one starts to walk, shoes are required to provide protection as well as warmth for his soft feet.

Although a toddler is most comfortable when barefoot it is not desirable to allow him, especially on bitter cold or hot surfaces and on uneven grounds. Provide the little one with suitable shoes that helps him to maintain balance and give necessary comfort and confidence to progress from walking to running. Selecting wrong pair of shoes may have serious consequences for a toddler.

Look for toddler shoes that are durable and well constructed. Make sure that the shoes are glued properly. Soft, no-slip soles and flexible soles provide the little ones with comfort. Such shoes enable your toddler to feel the ground and improve balance while walking. Canvas and soft, leather soled shoes that allow the feet of toddler to breathe are highly recommended.

While construction and durability are prime concerns, ensuring proper size is crucial while buying toddler shoes. To determine the correct size of toddler shoes, measure both feet of your toddler. It is desirable to measure when the toddler is wearing socks. Get him stand on a piece of paper and draw around his feet.

Select a pair of shoes that provide at least half inch space from toes to allow room for movement. It is convenient to buy a pair that your toddler can put on and off comfortably. Shoes with Velcro fastening or those with elasticized ankles are toddler friendly. Try to avoid shoes with laces.

Buy at least three pairs of toddler shoes. Set aside one of them for purpose of going out. Other two sets may be used as play shoes. Altering the play shoes may help to last longer. Keep the shoes dry and clean to make sure that the toddler’s feet remain free from infection.