Tips to Sleep Well During Pregnancy

Most pregnant women are unable to sleep well at night. This happens due to hormonal changes, anxiety and stress related to the child and physical changes. However, good sleep is must otherwise you will have to face many problems. Here are some tips to sleep well at night during pregnancy. You feel sleepy during daytime, especially in the first trimester. But if you sleep during daytime, it would be very difficult to sleep at night. Therefore skip the naps if you want to sleep well at night during pregnancy.

Stress or anxiety related to your fetus doesn’t allow you to sleep well during pregnancy. Stress will not only harm you by keeping you awake at night but also harm your unborn child. Don’t get stressful for the things you can’t change. Remember, stress will also cause you labor complications and many other problems. Try meditations or sleep techniques. If still you can’t sleep, talk to your doctor. A Canadian research states that most pregnant women get horrific dreams about their child that their baby is in danger. Such dreams awake you and don’t let you sleep. Don’t get scared about such dreams; dreams are dreams and they are not going to harm either you or your child in anyway. In such cases just roll over and go to sleep.

In an uncomfortable position you will not get proper sleep. When you lie down during pregnancy in the 3rd trimester, you need comfortable support. Use as many pillows as you can to keep yourself comfortable. Put pillows under your head, your arms or as many places you like. To get good sleep you have to lie in comfortable position.

Eating plays important role in your sleep. Take light meals several times during the day instead of heavy meal once or twice. This will help you in deep sleep at night. Also avoid eating spicy or any food which can cause acidity or heartburn. Drink orange or lemon juice to avoid acidity and heartburn. Also drink more water than just to quench your thirst. Whenever you feel uneasy drinking water relaxes you due to this reason only.

A little work out during daytime will give you deep sleep at night. But talk to your doctor which work-out is suitable for you. Also take a little sun bath so that you can sleep well at night.

Rakesh Kumar Lakshman

Written many famous TV serials including Health Based TV Shows, several articles and stories for various renowned magazines and also written articles for websites.